Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just me and my baby

Today marks one week of just me & Jeremy. Jonathan and Elijah are away visiting family in England...they will be home in a few days. It's been really quiet around here and I've enjoyed the one on one time with Jeremy (something that becomes increasingly difficult when the both of them vie for my attention).
I did miss my 4 year old though. We have talked on the phone pretty much every day that they have been away. It's pretty funny though, usually Elijah wants to talk to Jeremy to tell him all the things he's been doing. Their coversations go something like this (I put Jeremy on speaker phone so I can hear and help translate Jeremy's words)
Elijah - Hi Jeremy
Jeremy - Hi brother
Elijah - I'm in England
Jeremy - huh?
Elijah - I'm in England, but I'll be back soon
Jeremy - ok
Elijah - baby Sadie is here
Jeremy - firetruck (pointing to his truck as if to say, why aren't you playing firetruck with me)
Elijah - I played with Eva
Jeremy - play-do
Elijah - I played play-do with Eva(this being the amazing co-incidence of their conversation, Jeremy loving play-do and Elijah and Eva playing play-do together in England)
and on it goes until I get the phone back.
Jeremy's conversations with his dad are just as good, except then Jeremy runs away from me and hides so I can't have the phone back to talk to Jonathan myself, he gets quite preturbed that I would talk to his Daddy.

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