Wednesday, February 11, 2009

They're back...a week later

I know, I'm full of tales, just not inspired to actually write them down. Jonathan and Elijah did make it back (and on time thanks to a lot of prayer) and both Jeremy and myself were very happy to see them. I think I had my very best Elijah hug ever when he walked through the door and saw me.
As for Jeremy, I think it has taken him a while to really know that his dad and brother are really here and staying. In fact he is following Jonathan everywhere and needs his dad for everything. I used to be the one to put Jeremy to bed...apparently that's changed. The cutest however was the first night the boys were back. Elijah crashed at 7pm. Jeremy was having none of bedtime. His dad was back and he was celebrating. Part of his celebration included checking in on his brother. He kept sneaking down the hall to his brother's room and looking in, just ot make sure he was really there. He did actually make it as far as crawling in his brother's bed to cuddle him. It was very cute and fortunately, Elijah slept through it all...that was my biggest fear (Elijah waking up). But we've settled back down into our regular routine with ease and we're happy to be altogether again.

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