Monday, April 20, 2009

How'd it go?

We made it through, sanity intact. Elijah adored his first on his own day (hour) at kindergarten. And I behaved myself too. I'm still curious about the notes that they took on him, but I can let that teacher part of me go. What I can take away is that his first experience at school was positive and that he's really happy about it. I was a little concerned at him when he told me he printed his name funny, but I found out later that all he did was print his l too big and asked if he could do it again (which he did). The most exciting part of the morning for him was getting ride a school bus, which he declared he'd been waiting his whole life to do. Here's a little picture blog of the morning.

My super excited boy at home with his little brother who wanted in on the action. You have to note that Elijah is wearing his England jersey which he picked out because he wanted to wear something nice.

We dropped Jeremy off at the sitters a little early so Elijah and I could have a 'date' for breakfast, here he is at his favorite breakfast place, the Zellers restaurant (he loves the pancakes and the pictures of Elvis)

At the school

Come on inside

At the classroom door

We're going on a school bus

In the bus

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