Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Teddy Bear Fair

Last Saturday was the 18th annual Teddy Bear Fair at the Regional Hospital. 18th for them, 2nd for us. Last year I was stunned at the sheer number of people that take their kids to this event. I ran into one friend of mine there that looked like he'd been in a train wreck he was so taken aback with the crowds. This year, I was more prepared. We went early.
The premise of the Teddy Bear Fair is great. Your kids take their teddy bears (or monkeys in the case of my kids) to the hospital to get checked over and treated. For my son Jeremy, who has developed a fear of doctors, this is great. (you can't blame the kid for his fear, it started last fall when he had his 18 month needles and allergy testing all within a month of each other - would you want to see a doctor if all they did was stick you with needles?) Here, the kids get to play parent, nurse, doctor, pharmacist, and occupational therapist as well as interact with all sorts of hospital workers that give them free stuff.
Elijah was very much into this. He's at that great age of make believe. When registering Curious George he noted the complaint (in his most serious voice) that George had a broken funny bone. Jeremy was a little more wary of some of the stations, but whatever he saw his big brother do, he wanted to do too. Overall I think it was a good experience for the two of them. I also got out of there before the crowds got too big (or just as the line-ups would have been unbearable). Here's a little bit of our day:

Jeremy and Elijah plus Curious George and George meet Zeddy

George gets checked over

Elijah the pharmacist mixes up some 'medicine'

Elijah checks out his pulse

Elijah gives Curious George his puffer

Jeremy administers George some oxygen

Jeremy gives George some back physio to clear his chest

Elijah helps put a splint on Curious George's leg

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea!!!
Love Grammma

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