Sunday, May 17, 2009

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Weekend mornings are times to relax. Time to enjoy cartoons over a sippy cup of apple juice (or a mug of tea, depending who you are). Time to prop yourself up with pillows and snuggle under a blanket. Sounds cozy and relaxing right?
Unfortunately the sounds I've been hearing have been:
No, Brother!
Share the blanket!
MY blanket!
Don't kick!
Kick, kick, kick (laugh)!
I know, you're shocked, my kids...fighting?
My little boys who used to be so content snuggling on the couch have grown. The couch they want to share is the loveseat. The other couch is a futon, that usually sits on the wall away from the loveseat. This morning, I moved it. I'd had it with the pushing and shoving of who got the comfiest spot, so turned the futon around and pushed it right up to the loveseat to make one long couch. And it worked. Both are happy. Both have room. And both have a good view of Curious George. Ahhh.

*Bonus marks if you can guess which boy said what!


Shawn C. Branch said...

jeremy was doing the kicking?

Kristen said...

you know my boys well Shawn!

Lynn said...

This post probably made every mother who reads it laugh :) It was our kids' bickering, I believe, that finally prompted us to buy a van -- then they could each have their own "bench." It looks like your solution here worked great!

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