Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Learning to Talk

I realised that I haven't been as dillegent as I'd like when keeping track of all the stages that my kids go through. I'd like to think that I'll just remember everything, but I know I won't becuase I don't already.
Jeremy's language skills have just jumped radically in the past 6 months and I know I'm going to lose some of his baby language words if I don't write them down.
For the longest time he would say 'asai' for thank-you. (I think it came out of 'what do you say?')...he now says thank-youm (to which his big brother says, 'it's not thank yoummmm, it's thank you!')
The both of them, started by Jeremy have a near nightly routine of getting their energy out by running around in a circle in the living room and saying, 'I judge-ya, I judge-ya' repeatedly. I think Jeremy meant to say I gotcha, or I chase you, but this is what has come out and it's stuck. Currently, the 2 of them also chant 'na na vinci' for reasons I haven't figured out yet.
One of the funny things they do is fake sneeze while standing on our bed and then fall down and laugh their heads off 'aaaaahhhh choooo!'
A very endearing Jeremy will add an 'a' to the ends of words, like "I love-a you Mama', or "I kiss-a you Mama". He's a very affectionate, cuddly boy.
One of his daycare teachers is Dorothy. He learned her name quite quickly which surprised both her and I (most of the kids call her Dor). He finds it very funny to call one of us Dorothy - Dorothy, Dorothy - he'll call out. We'll turn the tables on him and say, Dorothy, Dorothy - to which he responds, 'I'm not Dorothy' - we'll also try it with other names - he thinks this is very funny.
What's also funny is how he says his name. I stopped calling him JJ for a while because when you asked him what his name was he'd say 'I JJ'. Now he kind of grunts his name in a low voice "I Jer-my"...this is also how he answers the question, how old are you? - "I Jer-my, I two"
He loves to play pretend. He has a pair of dinosaur jammies that as soon as he puts on he says "roar' and stomps around the house. He's also quite good at imitating an elephant - he hunches his back and puts his arm in front of his face and swings is as he lopes along.
He very rarely says Elijah's name. He calls him Brudder (brother). And follows him everywhere and does everything Elijah does. He's actually quite put out on Mondays when Elijah goes for swimming lessons. "I go simming lessons!" very adamantly.
He still has a few baby-words for things, made up words. We'll be driving in and he'll say, Mama? Daba daba daba da (and laugh). He's very charming.

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