Sunday, May 31, 2009

Do we have to be so negative?...really?

Argghhh - I am frustrated with the media!
First, let me remind everyone that while I don't actually have cable, I do enjoy a good TV program. I particularly enjoy British TV (can you see where this is leading?) and one of my favorites is Britain's Got Talent. I enjoyed Susan Boyle as much as the next person (in fact her story made a lovely lesson plan with one of my grade 7/8 classes), but the fact is there were many amazing acts that were on the show this year.
I'm quite pleased that Diversity won the show. I have never seen anything like what they did ever! Their choreography and movement was so unique, so precise, so perfect, so wonderful...(I could go on) - absolutely amazing stuff! But does the media write that? NO! They don't point out how good this group it. They don't point out how good the other talent was either - their focus is Susan Boyle lost(she placed 2nd).
They also wanted to dwell on a young girl, Hollie, who got a case of the nerves during her semi-final (she went on to re-do her performance and make it to the finals brilliantly) - is it too much for children to be on a show like this? Well they didn't see Shaheen Jafargoli perform and say that now did they? (Brilliant vocals) Or Aidan Davis, the 12 year old dancing phenom? Nope, the hot story is the negative story. Can we start building people up? Can we give credit for the combination of hard work and talent? Will that sell stories? I would much rather have woken up to headlines of Diversity Wins It All than Susan Boyle's Dream is Dead - find out why which a rediculously warped picture of her. You know, she is a lovely singer and I hope she continues to sing and that she does well with it, but I also hope that for a good many of the contestants that I saw on the show this year. Well done everyone, well done!

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