Thursday, June 28, 2007

About Canada Post

I would say most of the time Canada Post gets it right (well, we are still waiting for a birthday present my parents sent Jonathan in 2006) and this time they have got it really, really wrong.
About a month ago I got a phone call from my mom asking if I got my parcel. No, I hadn't. Well that's strange seeing as she had sent it a couple of weeks before. She had kept the receipt with the tracking number so I did some investigating. I checked it out and it looked to be in Montreal so we thought we'd wait and see. Mom and Dad went away on their trip to China and I kept looking into this package location for her. Much to my surprise the next place it was tracked to was Richmond, BC...yes, that's back towards where it came from. So I called. First, the lady didn't want to talk to me because I wasn't the one who sent it and really that should be the person calling, and I didn't know how much the postage was and I didn't know the contents...apparently, being in China is not a good enough reason not to track a package yourself. But she took my information and started a file.
I later received a message from one fellow saying that the package was listed as having a BC postal code on it and he would make a note in the computer system to override this and get it sent on to NB. Great! or so I thought. 2 weeks later mom is back from China and still no fact I've watched it bounce back and forth between Richmond and Monteal more than once now.
Mom calls, speaks to a very nice lady that says I should have the package by Monday. Great! Monday comes and goes, no package. Tuesday comes and goes, no package. I call Mom.
Mom goes down to the post office...nothing they can do, call the 800 number...she can't interfere or she can be charged, but she'll leave a message for this fellow that we'd spoken to previously who handles all these things. Mom has his number and calls him herself. He's of no help, all he says (repeatedly) it that it has a wrong postal code on it. Mom says "Look, it was checked in to Richmond again this morning" She will go down there herself to pick it up. Apparently she can't do that as it is a huge warehouse.
Why isn't it being retuned to sender? - no real answer
Why does it keep getting sent out of BC if it has a BC postal code? - no real answer
So she says, fine, I want to collect my $100 insurance on it so I can re-purchase and send the items. - Ma-am, you can't do that because it is still in the system.
Seriously, at last count this package has been across this country 7 times! When do they decide, or notice that something is wrong? You'd think someone in one of these sorting plants would see some sort of discrepancy here. Well Canada, there is our government postal system hard at work.

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Anonymous said...

Hi from Mom....
I received a call from 'Ted' today our smug parcel investigator. He left a message on our answering machine to say Julie his supervisor was taking over the case now and that everything is status quo...that is the parcel is still at the Richmond sorting depot.

By the way while we were in China we sent Elijah and Jeremy a postcard with a panda on it from us. I remembered half of the postal code which was E2J and the card came from China to the boys in seven days! Go figure!!!

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