Friday, March 27, 2009

A Muddy Good Time

Last Saturday I took my friends Jen and Michael's kids for them while they movedhouse. I arranged to meet at the uptown library for muffins and music (a pre-school program where kids can come for breakfast and eat while listening to the Saint John string quartet, or duet as it was last week). We then ventured to the museum (conveniently almost next door) for a look and a play in the Discovery centre. How do I get 4 kids back to our house without worrying about car seats? The bus of course. Another exciting adventure for them. Home for pizza. And then while Jeremy napped I took the other 3 out to play in the mud and splash in puddles. Yes, I willingly endorsed the kids getting wet and dirty. I also endorsed them playing with sticks. (provided they used them in their own area away from each other, which they did) Kids are better with guidelines and boundries in play than we give them credit for. They had a hoot! Yes, they got completely soaked, but that's why we have rain jackets, splash pants, boots and a change of clothes for home. That's also what makes the hot chocolate taste so good on our return.


Jilly said...

Fun! I wish we had a string quartet or a museum to go see . . .

Are there seriously people that don't let their kids play with sticks? Our sand box is full of big pieces of scrap wood and our house is full of sticks. No one has poked out an eye yet.

Love the new look, btw.

Nightowl Mama said...

That is fantastic i tOo luv when the kids can just be kids. I promote things like playing in the rain, in the mud and jumping in puddles. I do it with them most of the time and without rain coats. LOL

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