Sunday, August 2, 2009


It's almost a given with me that if there is a product I like, chances are it won't be around for very long. I may be exaggerating a little but yesterday I went shopping and found out they no longer make the scent of deodorant I like. I know there are tons of other scents, but do you know how long it took me to find that one?
Also, we've been working with Jeremy's sunscreen allergies. We discovered that the sunscreen we bought in England has no effect on him. And the sunscreen they used at his daycare worked fine too. Of course that sunscreen is no longer made. We think we've found one he doesn't react to as much, but he still gets the itchies.
I used to find this in restaurants too. When I used to frequent Earls (in BC), I loved their black bean soup (good luck finding that one now), at Milestones it was their ceasar salad they made with black beans, chicken and corn nuts (also gone) and with Wendy's it was their Southwest Chicken Salad (sometimes back as a specialty item, but not on their regular menu).
So before you fall in love with a product, ask me if I like it. If I really love it enjoy it while you can 'cause it won't be around for very long :o)

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Neal said...

Sorta like the steak sandwich at Earls...

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