Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Out of the Fog Belt

So I thought having a crappy summer weather wise was just part of living in NB. Then I started hearing from people in Fredericton that it was hot. Then friends of mine staying at Camp Medley came for a visit with tans. What? You mean there is sun in this province? I decided that the next foggy day was the next day we were headed up that way. So we did. Today we went to Medley and basked in the sunshine (of course me having dressed the boys in the morning fog did not have t-shirts and shorts ready for them, but they adapted with rolled up pant legs and rolled up sleeves). Oh it was so nice to just hang out at the dock and you could feel camp life just start to blanket over you.
We then went to CFB Gagetown for a look at the military vehicles on display (can you tell I'm the mother of boys) - "oh cool!" from both of them.
And we finished of the day in balmy Fredericton for supper.
We had high hopes that by staying in Fredericton until bedtime the boys would in fact fall asleep on the way home, so I stopped in at Wal-Mart for jammies. It didn't work. They were incredibly noisy and got a kick out of shouting "moose" whenever possible (not fun when you are driving on a highway known for moose. Other than that, it was a great day :o)

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