Thursday, August 6, 2009


Do you ever wonder how much a sense of entitlement people have these days and what it really means? I mean we get constant news. Every story has to top the next one. Celebrities can't just be people, they are constantly watched and we are constantly demanding to know the real story. Why? What does it really matter to us?
And then even us with our small lives and communities have opened ourselves up to it. I think about things like Facebook, (which I enjoy) and I wonder how much have we opened ourselves up to people feeling that they need to know more about us than they do. Think about it. We have 'friends' lists. Now everyone has 'friends' who are really more aquaintances, someone you know from work, or an old neighbour. You don't really want to leave them off your 'friends' list do you? That would be considered rude. Yet, you don't really want them knowing every detail of your life do you? Sometimes I forget about these 'friends' until someone comments on something that I wasn't expecting, or asks about something that I didn't really think should concern them. I get taken back. "What do you mean by that? Why do you want to know? Why do I have to answer you on that one?" Has the open concept of Facebook allowed people to a sense of entitlement that they would not normally have? Sure I have lots of aquaintance friends on Facebook, but I'm not looking at their pages constantly. Good friends yes. I love to see the new pictures and updates. Now there are some ways to combat it a bit. I upped my privacy settings quite a bit. I don't log in as being available for chat most of the time(I feel too obligated to actually chat with people that start conversations and then you have the whole awkward, well I've got to go part). I'd rather just share with people who are really important to me. Is it wrong to feel a little imposed upon? I don't know. Maybe I'm making too much of it and just rambling now. I know it's kinda funny because here I am blogging about it on a page that any one in the world can read. Kinda ironic really.

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Maris said...

I agree with you! I don't like the sense of entitlement that some bloggers have, the "don't you know who I AM?" because they're a well-read blogger with high traffic. We're all still people who put our pants on one leg at a time!

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