Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sometimes I wish...

Summer is one of the rare times I can enjoy fresh air. I don't think I realised how fortunate I was weather wise when I lived in BC. Living in the Maritimes has some great perks to it, the weather is not one of them. One of the things I take full advantage of in the summer months is having the windows open in the house. Even on nights when we get rainstorms (I love the sound of rain). I just really like having the fresh air. When we lived in the uptown of the city I couldn't do this. It got really really noisy out there. And now I'm starting to wonder if I'm spoilt living in this house in the suburbs (or just getting picky). Tonight I've been sitting here purusing through facebook and catching up with my email and it's really bothered me by all the noise outside. I know I really shouldn't complain because it isn't yet 10pm. But sometimes I would like to live out in the country somewhere, maybe by a lake and then all the noise I would hear would be quiet, nature stuff - crickets, birds, frogs and the wind in the trees. Wouldn't that be nice? Ahhh, I guess I'm really overdue for a vacation!

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