Friday, August 7, 2009

Thoughts while packing

I was packing up our photo albums today - remember those? Big, heavy, full of memories. I found one that was just Elijah. Jeremy asked, "Where's me?" I don't have a photo album of Jeremy. All of his pictures are on the computer - easier for packing purposes but does not satisfy my son's curiosity for pictures at that moment. Should I print some of his off and put them in an album?
Also I was noticing how terrible some of the pictures were - this is what life was like before photoshop and other editing software, what you see is what you get.

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AngelaMae said...

Ah... he is suffering from second kid syndrome (sks). As one who suffered from SKS myself, I understand. The first child is so exciting and there is just that 3 seconds extra time for mommies to make fun photo albums and then comes the second or third child and there is less time for things like fun albums. My mom didn't have the luxury of digital pictures but most of my pictures (and there were as many as my brother) ended up at the bottom of a box or drawer...
Do for the second, third or how many ever you decide to have the same that you did for the first... :) That's what I, the motherless one, think anyway. :) <3

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