Thursday, June 7, 2007

Jill Inspires me yet again

Jill recently wrote about being the encyclopedia for her son's world. It was one of those read it and smile moments for me, nodding my head and relating, "so true, so true". Jill's son, Andrew is only weeks apart in age from Elijah...he too uses us as his encyclopedia of the world. Most enjoyable, or exasperating depending on your mood are his questions about his brother.
"Where's Baby Mommy?" *side note, I'm sure Jeremy will love being called Baby by Elijah 13 years from now
"Right here Elijah"
"Is Baby sleeping?"
"Does Baby have eyes?"
"Are his eyes closed?"
"because he is sleeping"
"I have eyes, right Mommy?"
"Yes, you have eyes"
"And baby has eyes too!"
"Yes, you both have eyes"
"And Mommy and Daddy have eyes"
"Yes, we all have eyes"
"Mommy and Daddy and Jeremy and Elijah all have eyes"
"Does baby have a nose?"...
and so it continues

He also thinks I know everybody we see.

"Who's that Mommy?"
"A lady"
"what lady"
"the lady at the store"
"the lady at the store?"
"what is she doing?"
"she's shopping"
"she's shopping?"
"like Mommy and Jeremy and Elijah?"
"what's her name?"
"I don't know"
"because I don't know her"
"she's a lady mommy?"
"at the store"
and so it continues again

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Christian Gowan said...

I got a good chuckle out of those 'tid-bits' of convos.

Good stuff.

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