Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why I love 2

I love watching all the stages that my boys go through, some are more pleasant than others granted, but most are endearing. Example: Elijah's pronounciation, he tends to add a syllable to a number of words:
but then he will leave off syllables of other words as if to even things out:
I also enjoy the complete innocence of his age. Example: Yesterday, he came in from playing outside and told me he just needed to get something. "Okay" I said. He went to his room and came back moments later without any clothes on, carrying his bathing suit and heading out the door. "Whoa, wait a minute, where are you going?"
"I'm just going to play in the sprink-e-ler with Jillian"
"Let me get you dressed first buddy"
He's also pretty funny trying to express his independance. Example: We were leaving Chapters on Saturday and just as we get outside he says to me, "oh, I forgot something, I'll be back in one second" (oh really, I think), "what did you forget?"
"My jamanama"
"what's a jamanama?"
"it's a bamming" he answers ever so matter a factly.
Yes, my son is full of wonderful made up words like bamming and jamanama that he uses frequently in conversation. Every night at bedtime he tosses his hand toward me as I head out the door and says "here's your manama" , I make sure I give him some manama too.
Also, yesterday Elijah decided he needed a jacket, so he put on his winter coat, pulled up the hood and played outside in his shorts. It was a pretty funny sight.
And what conversation on being 2 and independant is complete without a comment on potty training? After 2 lovely hassle-free successful potty days, Elijah decided to declare the potty, his pull-ups and his underpants his mortal enemies...don't you even dare mention them unless you want to witness the master of all fits...clearly, he's not yet ready.
Yes, when they are miserable, they are really miserable, but when they are lovely, they are really lovely creatures, 2 year olds are. He gives the most wonderful cuddles and complements. "Mom, you're pretty, you're beautiful"
And they are funny creatures. This morning the poor dear fell and bumped his head. As I scooped him up to comfort him I kissed him better and asked "are you okay?" "I bumped my head, that's why I'm crying" (just in case I missed it).
Another time I asked for a kiss and he said "we don't have any kisses, but we have a holiday kiss" "can I have a holiday kiss" "nope, we are all out" "what kind of kisses do you have?" "we have a hos=i=pit=al kiss, and a doctor kiss and a holy kiss..." I did get one eventually.

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