Saturday, June 16, 2007

More Connie and my thoughts on British TV

Jonathan and I went to England in 2004. One thing I absolutely enjoyed while there was British TV. They have fun shows, great personalities (I adore Ant and Dec), wonderful's just good entertainment. Apparently, Americans think so too as most of reality TV has been taken from a British show. I started to get hooked on a show called the X Factor, which featured both Simon Cowell (yes, I enjoy Simon) and Sharon Osbourne. I didn't get to see all of the series, just some of it. I understand that it has since run 2 more seasons. What I do give cudos to the internet for is that I can enjoy British TV once again. I am hooked on Britain's Got Talent. The website won't let me watch clips as I'm not in their region, but I can watch them on YouTube. (not the whole show of course, but the best of the best). The Semi-finals are over and my 2 favorites, Connie Talbot and Paul Potts have made it to the finals. Which of these 2 will get to entertain the Queen? Maybe neither...there are 4 other contenders. I'm kinda leaning towards Paul at this point, although I believe that 6 year old Connie has gained a huge world-wide following via YouTube. Here's her semi-final performance:

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