Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kristen, the amazing cleaning machine

No, I haven't improved my housekeeping skills, this is your clean due to neccessity clean machine. Elijah has decided that he doesn't want to wear diapers anymore (Yes! I have been waiting for this moment to arrive) After spending several trips back and forth to the potty ("Mommy, I have to pee now!") with no actual results, just a lot of waiting and looking, we decided to watch a video. Every 10 minutes or so, I'd ask..."do you have to pee?"
"No." Okay.
Reminder, "if you do have to pee, tell Mommy and run to the potty."
"What do you do?"
"Run to the potty." Okay.
I figure I can slip downstairs to switch over the laundry. I was wrong. The moment I hit the bottom step I hear a cry of "MOMMY!" I run back up..."I peed."
"Over there"...he points to a spot beside his chair. Okay, I sit him on the potty to reinforce the use the potty to pee idea, clean up the pee spot and get him some clean underpants. Not 15 minutes later, he looks at me, "I'm peeing Mommy"...I pick him up, sprint to the potty, he giggles his head off as I say this is as fast as you have to go...He sits on the potty and waits as I go, clean up the pee trail from the living room to the bathroom, this time get him an Easy-up diaper...then I hear a shout of joy from the washroom, "I did it!, I peed in the potty!" Great! we celebrate...this is the moment Jeremy chooses to spit up all over me...Okay. I clean it up...finish getting Elijah redressed, attempt to get Jeremy to nap, when I hear an "Oh, no" come from Elijah's room. I go and look..."My music box broke" I look and see glass everywhere and glitter water, all over the wall, the floor and his dresser cabinet. Somehow, he had climbed to the top of the 5 foot structure and knocked it down. I stay calm (Amazing really when you think about it) know what, it's nap time, way overdue naptime for both of you. (translation=Mommy needs a break!) I let Elijah nap in our bed, and amazingly enough he actually falls asleep, Jeremy is kind enough to sleep long enough to allow me to clean up the glitter water/glass mess in Elijah's room before screaming his head off. Apparently, he doesn't want to sleep in the swing, he'd rather sleep in my arms...I wonder if at some point this evening I'll actually get to the cleaning I was meant to do today, I now have extra laundry to do!

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Jilly said...

Ah, the joys of potty training. That stage lasted about a month for us, I'm sorry to say. Now I just put Andrew on the potty every hour or so despite his protests that he doesn't have to pee, because he inevitably does, and then we have less messes. I hope sometime before the fall, when he goes to preschool, he will actually TELL me if he has to pee . . . before hand.

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