Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My boys

It has ben a while since I've really sat down to blog. The evil called Facebook has overtaken my online time. I've even started importing my blog to Facebook, just because I can.
So today is Jeremy's 3 month birthday...officially ending the 4th trimester. The question I get asked the most is how is he like Elijah? Well...they are very different. Jeremy is much more social than Elijah was (than Elijah ever was really). He is full of smiles for everyone and has no problem being held by someone that isn't me. Elijah is much more cautious when it comes to new people and people that aren't us. Jeremy is a happy baby who love to smile and "talk" to us. Already he loves to jump with Jonathan...a game that Elijah loved at the same age. Pretty soon he will be able to go into the Jolly Jumper. He's also pretty portable, on a good schedule and I can take him pretty much anywhere...Elijah was like that too. The great thing about breastfeeding is that you can breastfeed don't have to worry about mixing formula and making the bottle the right temperature. I also always carry a nursing canopy in my diaper bag, which helps. Actually, Jeremy won't take a bottle from me at all. He has taken one from our friend Debbie, who has looked after him a couple of times, but not me...he's like, that is not what I want mom...I want the good stuff. The only funny thing with Jeremy is that he seems to know that the bassinet is for sleeping at night. He won't sleep in it during the day. He will sleep in my arms, in the stroller, in the car, or in the swing, but not the bassinet. So on my friend Jill's reccommendation I bought a sling. I got it yesterday, made locally from a girl here in Saint John. Very well priced if you are looking for one, I'll give you her email. So far, so good. We're still figuring out the best way for Jeremy to be the most comfortable, but he seems happy to be in it, or sleep in it and I can still get work done in the house. The other big difference between Jeremy and Elijah is that Jeremy won't take a soother. Elijah had his until he was about 18 months old and Jeremy spits them out. He has started to suck on his fingers...I sucked my thumb for a long time, so we'll see how long this habit lasts. The good thing with the soother was that we could "lose" it.
Elijah is coming into his own at 2 (almost 3). He is quite the musician/actor/athlete. He has a great imagination and sense of humour. He likes to tell stories about when he was a teenager. This morning he told me he didn't like Daddy. I asked why and he said because Daddy is a giant and giants squish people. Later on I found out that Elijah had climbed into the futon with Jonathan in the middle of the night (because Jeremy sleeps in our room, usually one of us ends up on the futon at some point to get more sleep)...anyways, Jonathan had a dream that he was hugging Elijah...I guess that is when the giant was squishing him and so he left and crawled into bed with me instead. Elijah also told me recently that he was going to college to study music...we'll see how true that is 15 years from now. The next 2 months are going to be long months as now he knows about birthdays and keeps asking for his party. This Sunday at church we sang Happy Birthday to a congregation member. At the end Elijah called out "Where's the cake?" Oh and to answer the other question we get a lot, Yes Elijah likes his baby brother and is looking forward to when Jeremy can really play with him. Right now, he enjoys holding him and talking to him and singing to him. He does not like other people stopping us in the stores to see Jeremy. "That's my baby, you don't talk to him!" is the response from Elijah. And that's a brief description of my boys at this point in time...I better log off now and clean the pizza sauce of Elijah's face!

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Jilly said...

Have fun slinging, Kris. It is a wonderful, wonderful thing (and means you can still put Elijah in the grocery cart). When he's not sleeping, at 3 months I reccomend sitting him outward -- legs folded up in the sling with his back against your chest so he can look out at what you are doing. Aaron and Andrew both LOVED that at that age, because its basically like baby tv. If he doesn't like having his legs squished up, pop them out so all you can see is his head, shoulders and feet. Sounds uncomfortable, but they love it.

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