Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

I've never been to a blog party before but I'm enjoying it greatly! Lots of blogs by all sorts of people from all over the place to check out. I have to admit that I'm new to community blogging. I've been blogging for 4 and a half years now, but limited to people I know blogs. It's only recently that I've started to discover the blogging community. My friend Jill through her quilting has discovered so much more than I have this way. But I do like to connect with other people. In the past few months I've started to look at the blogs of strangers for ideas. I'm a mom of 2 pre-school boys (ages 2 and 4) and like to see what other moms are doing with their kids. I'm a teacher (grades K-8) and like to see what other teachers are doing too. I'm a reader (which is why I started a book blog) and look to other book bloggers for inspiration as to where to go next. I'm a cook (which is why I started a cooking blog) and love reading other's recipe blogs and trying different things.
This blog is my whatever-is-in-my-head at any given moment blog. Looking back at it I can track different highs and lows and random thoughts of my life over the past few years. I like to blog because I like to write. Sometimes I write I lot and other times I can go quite a while without a single word typed. I hope you enjoy checking out my blog as you continue your path of random blogs to read. There's lot of good stuff out there.
I've had fun checking out the 5 miunutes for Mom site and amazed at all the sponsors and prizes that you have gathered for this blog party. Were I to recieve a prize my top 3 picks would be: INTL 5 - Handmade Journal Cover, USC 45 - Pair of shoes from Eleven, and USC 10 - Big Combo Pack from Mabel's Labels. Other prizes that tickle my fancy are USC 58, USC 77, INTL 34, INTL 49, INTL 7, INTL 3, INTL 30, INTL 49, INTL 60 and USC 21. There were so many great prizes to read through that is was hard to narrow down!


Amberleigh said...

Hello! Stopped by from UBP to say hello and party on!

Bluestocking said...

Nice to meet you! Hope you can visit!


Rhonda said...

Kristen, thanks for stopping by my site. It was great to meet you and I can't wait to check out your other sites. Have fun and this great party!

Lindsay Ernst said...

Stopping by from UBP 09! Super cute little blog, I"ll be following! Stop on over to my world!


Blessings to you!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Nice to meet you. I want to come back later and read more. Love your blog.

Hope you will stop by my blog for a visit. I am new to blogging and I am loving all my new friends.
I am giving away my first EVER BLOG PRIZE.
I have a gift basket business and it is the most requested gift over the last 15 years.
From the comments I have already received, it appears to be something a little different.
I have been so touched by the comments that I have decided to give 2 boxes . They will be the $100 deluxe size. I really do want to bless people!!! I have decided that giving is life at its BEST. The drawing will be late afternoon on Saturday...wow that's tomorrow!

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