Friday, March 13, 2009

lists, lists, lists

I call it the celebrity complex. Certain people (and I am one of them) love to fill out questionnairres. We used to read them in magazines about our favorite celebrities and now, thanks to the internet, we read them about our friends. All the little weird trivia things that make us tick.
These used to come in email format (which seems to be going the way of snail mail) and now, thanks to Facebook, they are in our notes. I find these pop up every so often and people get hooked. Not for a long time, but for a bit. The latest wave started with the 25 (or 30) random things. The appeal to that is wide enough to hit a lot of people. List 30 random things about yourself and so on. Then they all started to come around, the one I filled in today was a yes or no only survey. I've also done book surveys, movie surveys, music surveys. There's the list things beginning with the letter of your name, odd things, kid interview (cute for a keepsake), the google "your name needs..." etc...
I like these while they last, but I think they are starting to die down again, which is fine with me. It kinda makes me wonder why are we so apt to share something about ourselves oneline? I learn a lot about my friends, the irony being that I communicate with a lot of them more online than person to person. Are we really so busy that we can't spend time with each other?

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