Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yay, I did it!

A little while back I asked for help to remove SnapShots from here. Thank you for your overwhelming non-assistance with that everybody. I then asked at Yahoo! Answers. Again, overwhelming non-assistance. So once again I headed over to SnapShots to try to figure it out myself. I did exactly what I thought should have worked, turn SnapShots off your site. It didn't. But being the oh so clever person I am, I tried another avenue. You ever notice how these sites are extremely helpful in the how to set up their feature, but not so much with the how to delete their feature. So I went for logic. I read the 'how to add to Blogger' part and did the complete opposite. And it worked. Horray! I feel a sense of calm descending on my blog once again.

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