Friday, March 27, 2009

Sock Monkey

It was Jeremy's 2nd birthday earlier this month. In the spirit of trying to limit the amount of toys that the boys have I decided that I would spend his birthday money on a new bedding set. I found a cute set at Winners and brought it home. Little did I know what was waiting in the birthday package from my parents. My mom had made Jeremy the cutest sock monkey quilt set (with a sock monkey and pillow case) I love it so much (and so does he and a jealous big brother). Here are some pictures. Coincidentally, the baby storybook quilt that Jill had made Jeremy that sits on the rocking chair in his room is lined at the back with a sock monkey pattern. So I'm continuing to play on this retro-childhood theme and bought him a canvas print of S is for scooter for his wall. They had T is for tricycle too but someone else had already bought it when I went back to Winnners for them. I'll have to check Winners in Moncton. Oh yes, I took the other bedding set back.

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