Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Watch for Flying Objects

I commute between schools twice a week. It's not a huge commute, just from the North End to the Lower West Side. And usually there's not a problem. Today however, the drive was scary. It all started when I exited my first school and a pile of snow fell on me from off the roof. It continued when I could not get my car door to open (or stay open) enough to allow me and my backpack to enter it. Why? Huge wind force at work. As I was driving, I noticed a number of scary factors to this wind. Not just the usual branches and flags waving. Nope. Not today. Today the huge McDonald's sign was weaving back and forth. Today branches hung precariously as I drove past them. Today one of the traffic lights rocked back and forth so viciously I thought it was going to fall on me. Today I jumped as a big (looking) object flew by. (It turned out to be a cardboard box thankfully). And as all of this was happening the DJ said, it looks like it's a bit windy out there. Really? I hadn't noticed... It turns out that we were expecting (and received) winds ranging from 40 to 70 km/hour (that's 60 to 120 mph for my American friends). So I have now offically reached Maritimer status as I'm blogging about the weather.

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