Saturday, August 14, 2010

I have the makings of an addict

I can see how people fall in love with the art of sewing. There is something very satisfying in creating and being able to look at something and think "I made that". I spent today making some very basic costumes for next week's VBS. It basically gave me the opportunity to practice sewing a seam and sewing straight.
I spent a good portion of my free time over the past few days looking up projects and ideas. I'm in love with Maggie and Sparrow. I really want to try my hand at making a bird mobile like she has on her site. I also discovered that there is a fabulous fabric store 15 minutes away from where I live. I had so much fun looking through their fabrics online and look forward to visiting their shop (hopefully sometime this week). I especially love their 1930's reproductions. They remind me of the quilt that Jill made for Jeremy. The one I steal all the time to curl up in myself. Maybe it's time I gave Jeremy his quilt back and made one of my own?
Speaking of which. I've been so blessed to have been gifted so many beautiful quilts for my children from Jill and Mom over the past number of years. I loved them so much before and I love them that much more now. I'll have to take new pictures of them all and post them again to show how gorgeous they are.
Now I am a woman of many projects. First up is finishing my Rageddy Ann and Andy dolls restorations. The original clothes are mended and washed. The dolls are washed. The stains are removed. I'm working on the hair right now (Andy received 1/2 a head of hair last night and I hope to finish his tonight, Ann will be next). Then, I need to make each of them new hats as well as an apron and bloomers for Ann.
I then want to make some things for Olivia. I found some pretty purple micro-fleece in the clearance bin today to make her some comfy, warm pants to crawl around in this fall. There's enough material that I could make a shirt too (if I find a pattern), as well as a hat (which I do have a pattern for).
I also am aiming to make a few baby toys (a little taggie blanket with the scraps from the baby quilt, and a soft rattle). I'd also like to make her name in soft letters, I think that's so cool. So it looks like once Olivia has her own room (or at least a better space in our room that's hers) the theme will be storybook antique. It goes so well with the Peter Rabbit quilt Mom made her that's on her crib. As well as the Ann and Andy that I'm restoring for her.
I got out a great little sewing book for baby things at the library called Simple Sewing for Baby by Lotta Jansdotter that has some pretty things in it. I'd love to make her one of those little dresses, so sweet. Though Taryn did tell me about a simple Pillowcase dress that would be so cute too.
Elijah has asked for a Jedi Robe, so I found a pattern for those online too. And you know if I make one for him, I have to make one for Jeremy too :o). Lots to keep me busy and practice this new skill.

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