Friday, August 13, 2010

So Cozy

My Elijah and I have a summer tradition that we call "so cozy". It started 2 summers ago. I don't remember if he was having trouble sleeping, or, if he just woke up at some point in the night. I remember it was a lovely night and instead of coaxing him back to bed, I took a big blanket and said "Come on". We then curled up together on the steps of our house and watched the stars and chatted.
Last summer we did it again. That was the summer we saw a skunk go through our yard (it didn't notice us, thank goodness).
This year, we tried one time in July with no success. Living in Toronto, we just can't see the stars, it's too bright. Elijah was disappointed as it looked like our summer tradition of "so cozy" was no more.
Last night, we decided that we would have a family evening out. We packed up the kids (in their PJ's) and headed for the country. We stopped first for an old fashioned burger complete with homemade french fries and onion rings from Steer Inn Burgers in Richmond Hill (open since 1961 by the same pair of brothers). Once it was dark enough we headed towards Stouffville and kept on driving. We thought it was still too bright in Stouffville, so we went further north. I don't know the little village we came to, but we did find an abandoned building lot out at a crossroads. We parked, got out the blankets and waited. Last night was the most perfect night to see The Perseids meteor shower. I've never seen a meteor before. I've always wanted to see this, but it seemed that I remembered too late, or that the weather was not cooperative to go and do this.
All I have to say is "WOW". These were absolutely amazing. We debated waking Jeremy up (as he'd fallen asleep on the drive) but decided we couldn't let him miss this. So we were all up. And boy, it was spectacular. Elijah said it was like watching fireworks, God's fireworks. And that was true. So impressive. So beautiful. Fantastic. So although it wasn't just the two of us alone this year, Elijah and I did get to have "so cozy" after all.

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