Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quilts in my life

I said a couple of weeks ago how blessed I've been to have been gifted quilts for my kids. I found them all and took pictures. I know I should have pressed them first, but they are well loved.

This is Olivia's Peter Rabbit quilt my mom made her.  It sits in her crib.  So sweet for my sweet girl.

This is Elijah's Noah's ark toddler quilt.  He used it until he got his big boy quilt for Christmas.  He still like to snuggle in it though.  My mom made this one too.

This is Jeremy's baby quilt.  My mom says it is her favorite of the quilt's she has made.  He still likes to snuggle in this too.

My mom made this hockey quilt for Elijah for Christmas this past year.  This is is regular bed quilt.  It suits him perfectly.

This is Jeremy's monkey quilt my mom made, perfect for my little monkey.  It is his bed quilt.

This is Olivia's winter quilt by my mom.  I fell in love with it because it is the perfect little girl snuggle up quilt. 

This was Elijah's baby quilt from my mom.  I have plans to press it properly and hang it for Olivia.

 This is Olivia's owl quilt from Jill.  You can read the story behind this quilt here.

This is Jeremy's storybook quilt from Jill that you can read about here.  This is the quilt I steal all the time for myself.

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