Monday, August 30, 2010


This is Sloak.

Jeremy caught Sloak on the beach of Cyprus Lake last weekend. Caught him on his leg as he was jumping. Apparently (I wasn't there at the capturing) he kept catching him and letting him go as he really didn't want to let him go but Daddy said he should. The compromise was that he could bring Sloak back to the campsite to show Mommy.
I could hear the excitement as they approached. Jeremy was extremely proud. Can't you just see how much he loves Sloak?

Unfortunately, I think Jeremy really thought he would be able to keep Sloak. He was quite sad to say goodbye as Daddy took Sloak back to the lake. The next few days were interspersed with sighs and declarations of "I miss Sloak".

On our last morning as Jonathan took down the tent, I took the boys back to the lake so Jeremy could shout out one last goodbye to Sloak, hoping that he would hear him.

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