Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Muppet Memories

Elijah is really into Star Wars right now.  We've let him watch Episode IV and Episode I.  The rest are going to wait until I think they won't give him nightmares.  We popped into the Central Library last week and I happened to spot a Muppet Show DVD.  Not just any Muppet Show DVD, but the Muppet Show with Mark Hamil hosting.  It's a very odd Star Wars tribute, but enjoyable.  Quite funny really.

I started to get those warm, fuzzy memories watching the DVD.  We used to watch the Muppet Show as a family when I was a kid.  The shows still hold up today.  I'm glad they are on DVD.

It's also quite possible that I loved the Muppets so much that I wanted to be one.  I used to go around telling people that my name was Krissy Muppet Doan.

Here are a few things that I remember fondly from my childhood:

The Muppets
Popcorn and Hot Chocolate on a Rainy Day
Listening to Juice Newton on LP afterschool
Hiking in all sorts of BC hiking spots
peeling shrimp
camping in Oregon
collecting pop cans with my friends so we could buy candy with the refund money
a comfy, cozy spot on the couch when I was sick
ABC Saturday morning cartoons with my brother

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